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LEC’s Capabilities Shine on $7M & $9M Electrical Projects

Large projects, like the 200,000 SF John Glenn Middle School project require contractors with lots of horsepower like Laketown Electric Corporation.

This nearly $7M electrical contract includes the remodel of the entire existing school, plus 24 new classrooms and a state of the art pool. We are nearing the end on this 30,000 hour job with Adolfson & Peterson Construction.

Our next challenge for this district is the nearly $9M electrical contract for Tartan High School.

If you are looking for a new face in the large electrical market, we are your team. With a single project bonding capacity of $20M+, and top 10 in statewide revenues among three markets – Twin Cities, Rochester and Mankato – we have the resources to exceed your expectations.


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LEC Completes Historic Renovation of 100+ Year Old Apartment Building

Repurposing historic buildings are some of Laketown Electric Corporation‘s favorite projects. A few stunning design-build historic restorations that we have completed in recent years include the Machine Shop Event Center, Hotel Lora, Malcolm Yards Market, and the recently finished Holden House in St. Paul.

The Holden House project was 100+ years in the making, we were part of a negotiated team that took four buildings, and turned them into a remarkable 143-unit apartment building, where every unit is unique and has the character of the original buildings. We were fortunate to again work with our friend, developer Jeff Laux on this project.

When I was first engaged to be part of the Zeman Construction Company MEP team in 2019, these were decrepit buildings with broken windows, destroyed floorplan, and a leaky roof. Despite these challenges, we were able to design from scratch an elegant design with (2) new 2500 amp services, and complete it a month early on time and in budget. What the Zeman Construction Company team accomplished, is something to be exceptionally proud of where many other builders tried and failed on this property.

There is something special in taking something 100+ years old and transforming it into something remarkable. These jobs bring character and history that cannot be matched with new construction. Exposed brick, refinished original flooring, original stone, exposed ceilings as well as other remnant finishes take center stage on these jobs, and as electricians it is our job to conceal and cleanly work within these confines to not detract from the beauty of the original structures.

Holden House is now open for lease! Contact Saturday Properties at 612-360-3113 to schedule your tour!


LEC Embraces Healthcare Construction, Including this 10,000 SF Imaging Center in Mankato

Challenging healthcare projects like the 10,000 SF imaging center we recently finished in a Mankato are a testament to the quality construction that Laketown Electric Corporation is known for.

In the early days of Laketown Electric Corporation, complicated healthcare projects were the bulk of what we constructed. Today, these types of projects represent 20% of our annual volume.

In recent years, some of the projects we have completed include the Northfield Hospital Birth Center, a three story vertical expansion of a medical office building, a 70,000 SF medical office building, dozens of specialty clinics and a handful of challenging surgery centers.

We have a few openings for some quick hitting jobs in our three different markets, what can we help you with today?


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Clean conduits are King at LEC!

Workmanship is what matters when your team takes pride in their job.

Conduit work is often hidden behind walls or acoustical ceilings, but the way looks when properly constructed and assembled matters a ton to Laketown Electric Corporation.

Clean conduit work and pipework is a signature trait of any Laketown Electric Corporation job. This means clean bends, neat and well supported pipe racks, and making the most of the jammed full plenum spaces that make other trades, well more happy than they normally may be anyways. And if we get it wrong the first time, we go back and fix our mistakes to get it right. Our reputation depends on it.

Recently we were hired by a low voltage contractor in Rochester at a healthcare facility that had some four letter words to say about the previous electrical contractor’s less than desirable conduit work, think spaghetti. As coincidence has it, said contractor also has a four letter name, but that is beside the point. The point is, we fixed the problem and ran pipe clean and neat, the way it should have been run in the first place.

We are suckers for cleanly run conduit. Here are a few shots of pipework by our crews on a few existing jobs.



LEC Partners with Safety Consultants OECS

An important partner in the driving the zero-accident safety culture at Laketown Electric Corporation is OSHA+Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) .

OSHA+Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) has helped our company to reevaluate our safety program, provide third party jobsite safety and health audits, OSHA and insurance company support, safety committee guidance, specific training and so much more.

The bi-weekly safety audits at our jobsites have helped to drive our company to have zero loss time incidents over the last two years and 500,000 hours of labor.

1. Zero loss time claims over a 10 year period.
2. EMR under 1.0 for 10 years running, including .70 currently
3. EMR under 1.0 for 28 of the last 30 years.