On August 1, 2018 Laketown Electric Corporation purchased Javens Electric, Inc of Mankato, Minnesota.

Founded in 1987, Javens Electric was based in Mankato with 18 full time employees. In August of 2018 the company adopted the Laketown Electric Corporation name. This acquisition created a unified organization that will service the southern half of Minnesota, Northern Iowa and the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area with over 150full time employees.  LEC currently has 45 employees in southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

This acquisition offers an exciting opportunity for LEC to strengthen and expand its services is high voltage, fiber and low voltage offerings, said Matt Bergmann, CEO of LEC. “With a large service base, aligned company cultures, values and highly skilled office and field teams, the acquisition of Javens Electric, Inc. supports the LEC strategy to continue to offer additional services and expand its capacities towards larger projects.” Through this acquisition, LEC positions itself to be one of the largest, most capable electrical contractors in the state of Minnesota.

Kenny Javens, founder and President of Javens, Inc, also commented, “LEC’s acquisition of Javens Electric, Inc. provides a major growth opportunity for both entities and will help position our employees with many growth opportunities and a high level of service for our clients.” Kenny Javens retired in 2019.  Longtime leaders Randy Senkyr, Jason Cowdin and Brad Pyan remain a part of the leadership team in Mankato. Jake Radford was promoted to Vice President of the Mankato branch of LEC after a successful run as a senior project manager/estimator in Waconia.