LEC Utilizes Creative Solutions for Supply Chain Issues

It should come as no surprise that supply chain is hitting the construction industry and electrical contractors like Laketown Electric Corporation hard.

A few things that you may not know, is what specific items are becoming more troublesome to get in a realistic timeframe. Many of these items require thoughtful planning ahead, and for general contractors and owners, it is in your best interest to consider releasing many large leadtime electrical items just like you would look to do the same for structural steel, precast, etc.

Currently, it will take one year to get a 320 amp meter socket. We can get a 400 amp CT cabinet instead.

Generators are currently taking in excess of a year when looking at sizes over 125KW.

Switchgear from the large manufacturers such as Siemens, Eaton, Square D, GE, etc MDP’s in excess of 800 amps can run from 30-60 weeks. We can evaluate other companies to expedite and or make custom gear.

We have significant warehousing capabilities and intuitive ways to deliver for your vision despite these challenges. Let us know how we can get to work for you!