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"K2 has a wonderful relationship with LEC, and we are always excited to get them involved in our projects. We specialize in building unique and challenging projects, and their willingness to work with us in an economical, team-oriented manner allows us to give our clients the service they desire at the price they need. We look forward to continuing our relationship with LEC for decades to come. "
- David Kalogerson, President K2 Construction, LLC
"LEC is a company that is constantly pushing the pace of collaboration and pushes for conversations that need to take place instead of sitting back and waiting for us to contact them. They are constantly proactively reaching out. Working with Matt and Adam at LEC, they and their field staff exemplify the attitude around being there to solve problems and embracing that as a rewarding experience. It makes it fun to come to the table and tackle problems together."
- Tony Ghilani, Construction Executive, Greiner Construction
"Laketown Electric really dives into projects. They are a one-stop shop for us, they have the manpower and the expertise to get the job done right and on budget. "
- Lee Zeman, Senior Project Manager, Zeman Construction
"LEC have been my go-to electrical contractor since 2014 when I need a big project done right. The character with which he operates his company and leads his team is unrivaled. I have had every type of client with him and have had many issues pop up on projects as they always do. Matt and his team have always been a team member with getting a resolution and I have never once heard, “That’s not my job” from any of his members. I look for opportunities to get Laketown on jobs. It is one less subcontractor that I must worry about when I can. I would never hesitate to hire LEC on any job."
- Dennis Marquardt, Senior Project Manager, Dering Pierson Group
"We worked with LEC on 90,000 and 122,000 square foot additions. We worked with Laketown on both projects, they have been excellent to work with. We definitely needed Laketown’s expertise on this. They know our business, they know our equipment, they have worked with us for many years. Laketown has always been there for us in a very timely manner. I can’t say enough good things about them and I appreciate all of the work they do for us greatly. "
- Chad Jones, Facilities Manager, Johnson Outdoors
"In the subcontractor community there are way too many one-time relationships. The people that work for Laketown Electric care about what they are doing on a day to day basis. Having the right people on your project allows you to work out all of the details."
- Jeff Laux, Developer
"Working with Laketown Electric was fantastic. They really understood what we had to do with the Malcolm Yards Project. They had unique ideas to come through to hit our budget, as well as hit an aesthetic that we were really looking for. Laketown Electric was not intimidated of a project of this scope."
- Jeff Ellerd, Development Project Manager, The Wall Companies
The team was awesome, we heard from Laketown Electric right away when we needed something. There was never a lag in communication. Joe, the electrical foreman, he was very professional, fun guy to work with and got everything done in a timely fashion. If anything wasn’t working right we called them, and they were right back on site."
- Patty Wall, Owner, The Wall Companies


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