LEC Partners with Safety Consultants OECS

An important partner in the driving the zero-accident safety culture at Laketown Electric Corporation is OSHA+Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) .

OSHA+Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) has helped our company to reevaluate our safety program, provide third party jobsite safety and health audits, OSHA and insurance company support, safety committee guidance, specific training and so much more.

The bi-weekly safety audits at our jobsites have helped to drive our company to have zero loss time incidents over the last two years and 500,000 hours of labor.

1. Zero loss time claims over a 10 year period.
2. EMR under 1.0 for 10 years running, including .70 currently
3. EMR under 1.0 for 28 of the last 30 years.