Clean conduits are King at LEC!

Workmanship is what matters when your team takes pride in their job.

Conduit work is often hidden behind walls or acoustical ceilings, but the way looks when properly constructed and assembled matters a ton to Laketown Electric Corporation.

Clean conduit work and pipework is a signature trait of any Laketown Electric Corporation job. This means clean bends, neat and well supported pipe racks, and making the most of the jammed full plenum spaces that make other trades, well more happy than they normally may be anyways. And if we get it wrong the first time, we go back and fix our mistakes to get it right. Our reputation depends on it.

Recently we were hired by a low voltage contractor in Rochester at a healthcare facility that had some four letter words to say about the previous electrical contractor’s less than desirable conduit work, think spaghetti. As coincidence has it, said contractor also has a four letter name, but that is beside the point. The point is, we fixed the problem and ran pipe clean and neat, the way it should have been run in the first place.

We are suckers for cleanly run conduit. Here are a few shots of pipework by our crews on a few existing jobs.